What can I offer?

I can offer you a safe, neutral place where we can carry out completely confidential therapy, where you are not going to be judged. A room where all those thoughts that are disturbing you and make difficult your daily routine can be explored.

For me each session is like unraveling a skein with many tangled threads. Usually when I attend a patient / client for the first time I can see all their issues are intertwined, to the point that they cannot explain the real reason they reached for therapy. So my work begins, starting with an assessment that can sometimes take more than one session, depending on the person, and then estimating the number of required sessions. Then together we will begin to untangle each of the threads and understand the roots of the disorder.

My therapy is a learning process, a tool to help to get to know yourself better, to understand what is unbalanced and how to prevent potential repercussions in the future.

I offer you a place to talk freely, where you can be yourself without taboos and without feeling like a “weirdo”. A place where you can mourn, laugh, cry, joke and expose everything you have inside, always within an environment where you can feel safe and understood.