What are you waiting for?

Before going to counselling therapy, most of us try to solve our problems by ourselves. With matters relating to the “mind”, we always hope to work things out ourselves. When we cry, we do not sleep, we are nervous, stressed, tired, hopeless, negative, overwhelmed in our personal, family or professional life … we always think it is our fault and we try to find a way to fix it. When we discover that not only can we not do it alone but that we are in fact getting worse, then the feeling of the guilt and failure kick in. We feel worthless and hopeless; we may even think that it is not worth seeking help.
On the other hand, if our problem is physical, if our knee or a tooth hurts, we will go to our GP, dentist, physio, etc… Why not seek professional help when needed? Why are we so convinced that we can fix the situation on our own? Nobody in their right mind would think of doing a root canal or operating on themselves, however most people tend to think that they can ” heal ” depression, an anxiety disorder, an emotional or sexual problem, an eating disorder etc.
In my wide experience, I have come to understand that everyone at some point will need to go to a psychologist / counsellor.