People who go to see a psychologist / counsellor are mad

False. We should first define what it means to be mad; does it mean someone is suffering from a mental disorder? Feeling anxious or suffering from phobias does not mean being crazy. Closing the door 4 times before leaving the house or trying to walk without stepping on the lines of the pavement, does not mean being crazy. And to be sad or mourn a loss is behaviour which should be considered completely healthy and understandable.

I do not have a problem

We almost always have a problem; life is a constant test that requires us to act at all times and make decisions. Sometimes we do not feel able to do so and it is recommended and healthy to seek help.

Once you go to a counsellor/ psychologist you have to go for life

False. There are many types of therapy and many disorders or issues that require different treatments. There are long-term therapies, whereas others will be very brief.

People who go to a counsellor / psychologist have no friends and / or social support

This depends on the person. Of course it is very beneficial to have a network of family and social support. To chat to someone you trust almost always has a beneficial effect. A therapy session is different; the person who attends to you is a qualified professional who is trained to handle these situations. Your therapist is not a personal friend or a close relative, you will meet in a therapy room, in a neutral environment with an objective professional person- you will not feel as vulnerable as you do in front of your friends.

Psychologists / Counsellors will change the way you see life and will tell you what you have to do

A Psychologist / Counsellor is not a parent, a confessor or a spiritual advisor; they are  health care professionals that – through tried and tested studies and techniques – will help you to get to know yourself, to accept who you are and to cope with life events. I will never tell you what you have to do and I will always respect your ideas, your beliefs and your dreams.