M. 28 years old.

I moved to London almost two years ago. Life here was not as I’d expected and for no apparent reason I felt constantly sad. I was sleeping badly, I was nervous and it was difficult to concentrate in general.
In September 2013, a friend put me in touch with Victoria. During the first session I could not stop crying, nor the second. By the fourth session things finally started to look less bleak; after two months I was almost happy.
Victoria, for me, has been a saviour, she has freed me from myself and has helped me to give things their importance. It has helped me to manage unresolved past issues and has given me the courage to face the day with a smile with my head held high.
Victoria is a “problem solver”. If you do not know what is wrong but you feel sad, and life weighs you down, do not wait until you can’t take it any longer. Call Victoria now, you will see how quickly you feel better.




Victoria helped my through some tough times and I am very grateful to her. She is an excellent counsellor and very professional. I recommend her to anyone needing a bit of a moral boost or some confidence to get through a rough patch in life. She is excellent!



I met Victoria some months ago while I was going through a rough time in life. I wasn’t sure how to get out from the hole I thought I was in. Her closeness, witty and professionalism gave me confidence right away. She is truly a wonderful therapist and human being and I was lucky to run into her. Thank you.